Mariela Marin, MFT

Executive Director

I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan where my Mexican father and my Spanish mother taught me the importance of love, being true, and building community. I am honored to walk in the path of Patricia Cooper and Jaclyn Henretig, caring for the well-being of the Santa Barbara community one phone call, client, trainee, associate, supervisor, Center supporter, and human at a time.

Undergrad: University of Notre Dame

Grad: Antioch University


Sarah Marin, MBA

Director of Operations

In the non-profit world, "business" can be a nauseating concept. But the reality is: "business" is simply an idea sustained. While the success of an idea can certainly be measured in dollars, it can also be measured in the number of lives that are touched, reached, steadied, and honored. This is the business of CCEC. I am so proud to support the light that was ignited by Cooper-Henretig, and is now carried by the talent, commitment, and skill of Director Marin + the Clinal Training Staff.

Undergrad: University of Notre Dame

Grad: The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Patricia Cooper + Jaclyn Henretig



Shannon Kennedy, LMFT

Clinical Staff

Erin Pallero, LMFT

Clinical Staff

David Richo, PhD, LMFT

Clinical Staff

Eileen Van Koppen, PsyD, LMFT

Clinical Staff