CCEC programs aim to reduce the instances of painful experiences, disruptive coping mechanisms, dysfunctional communication and relationships, and emotional distress. In turn, an increase in self-esteem, empowerment, and overall well-being reduces conflict both interpersonally and intrapersonally.




Ignited by the vision of Margo and Jeff Barbakow, CCEC's SpeakOut program supports LGBTQ teens with insight and resources to live securely as the remarkable individuals that they are. Learn more about SpeakOut groups, individual and family counseling, outreach, and resources.

kids rule

Kids Rule!

In partnership with the Boys & Girls Club, CCEC empowers kids to be their best through its Girls Rule! and Boys Voices programs. CCEC associate therapists gather youth onsite at the Boys & Girls Club for weekly support, encouragement, and emotional enrichment.


Platicas de Familia

Platicas de Familia le da la oportunidad de aprender y crecer como padre y persona. Nos reunimos por seis semanas para aprender nuevas maneras de comunicar con nuestros hijos, imponer limites, y eliminar peleas de poder entre mas.